Sunday, April 12, 2009


From universe baldoza
We went out to Reena's fruit farm in Antipolo. Amazingly, Reena owns a forest and a river. Wow.

We took Miss J way out into the bamboo woods and shot her there. Well, with our cameras, of course. She didn't complain a bit, she was so patient with us until we got all the shots right. The trail was half an hour down hill and Miss J went about it in heels. I went barefoot at one point, lagging behind and catching my breath. I'm not used to hiking such steep terrain, but it seemed like a good idea for the summer.

When we got to the stream, there were little catfishes and tadpoles everywhere, but the bamboo woods was such a relaxing place. Vanessa got sick after wards complaining of forest spirits following her home. My bet is on some arthritic malaise though.

The photos are for the pre-production of a film. Vanessa's producing it and Reena's on board as well as an associate producer. It was a riot though- getting in and out of the city within the day and going home with freshly-picked papaya.

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