Thursday, March 19, 2009

Chillin' at my cousin's loft in Paris, my la fourmilière infernale.

A bed unmade, my nephew's finger-daubs on the wall inspire me.

Breakfast of Champions!

Fascinating how really frozen a cold cut can be at room temp.

At the Cite station, finding my way around to meet Julia at Notre Dame.

My Prize, my find of the day.

One of these doors leads to a truly dark tunnel, very catacomb-like. I was very fortunate to be able to shoot here for a day.

urban art

The spiral at the wall in Berlin

torn-art near an Ecole


Photography - Manila Envelope Issue 3

EndFrame VideoArt Revisited

EndFrame VideoArt Revisited

Ligaya's Dreams

Panaginip ni Ligaya (Ligaya's Dreams) a 3 minute experimental video about my muse Ligaya and her lucid recollections. The short is about self-control which Ligaya doesn't have time for, she's always hungry and seeking other mundane things to do.

The video suffers from my editing, I'm willing to give it another go after seeing all the tapes, the piece can still hold my interest after four years.

The real Ligaya's gone though, she's off to finish her art residency in NYC, off marrying her current man/woman/lover. Its so easy to live vicariously through her, the woman is fearless.

She looks so young and innocent in this video (hahaha), this is her before everything ever happened (which includes the Basilan war, Buddhism, innerdance, the Japanese boyfriend, the 60 year-old artiste boyfriend, and yes even the man/woman/lover). I miss you Ligaya! Sad, I'm not lesbo.


Finally a place to separate my narrative self from my visually discordant side; these are images culled from my insides, my play environment where i can just emerge as myself without giving a fuck to anyone. oh dear.