Sunday, October 18, 2009

Dalaw: A Short Film by Janus Victoria

Running time 15:00

Local superstition has it that those who have passed on continue to visit their loved ones. A young woman trying to heal from a failed relationship seeks refuge in her grandmother's house and discovers her grandmother is grieving the loss of her friend. The two find solace in each other as they inhabit their private world of loss and remembrance.

Photos by Marj Beringuel

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Husk at the 25th Los Angeles Asia Pacific Film Festival

Southern California's largest and most prestigious film festival from comedy and drama to documentaries and shorts, the 25th anniversary of this week long festival shares the stories of Asian Pacifics in America and abroad. View Site

Saturday, May 2, 2009

A Thing of Retro Beauty

The majestic C&R Building in Escoda Street in Taft. Taking pictures around Taft, I revisited this old building I used to see a lot during college. It was one of the buildings that fascinated me along with the old Jai Alai building before it was butchered by Mayor Atienza. The Jai Alai building was the art deco style building with the Sky Room signage on the front. You can easily spot these buildings while riding the LRT.

The C&R Building building reminds me what a huge steamship would look like if its haul was cast onshore. Though I've never seen anyone peek out of those circular windows. I just think its great that its still functional and houses several clinics.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Gone Apeshit by Enzo Florentino

Enzo Florentino's Quickies, most of his stuff from speed painting.

Gone apeshit sticker heads! I looooove these!
It would be great to stick them inside jeepneys and Meralco posts all over the Manila.

Enzo's painted rendition of Snake from Metal Gear Solid

More art and sketches at enzo's blog

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

MOYTOY: Call for Artists!

MOYTOY is organizing a new event and we are totally dependent on you. MOYTOY welcomes artists, fans, new members and lovely strangers. This exhibit will take place in Kaunas, Lithuania.

More info at MOYTOY or

Sunday, April 12, 2009


From universe baldoza
We went out to Reena's fruit farm in Antipolo. Amazingly, Reena owns a forest and a river. Wow.

We took Miss J way out into the bamboo woods and shot her there. Well, with our cameras, of course. She didn't complain a bit, she was so patient with us until we got all the shots right. The trail was half an hour down hill and Miss J went about it in heels. I went barefoot at one point, lagging behind and catching my breath. I'm not used to hiking such steep terrain, but it seemed like a good idea for the summer.

When we got to the stream, there were little catfishes and tadpoles everywhere, but the bamboo woods was such a relaxing place. Vanessa got sick after wards complaining of forest spirits following her home. My bet is on some arthritic malaise though.

The photos are for the pre-production of a film. Vanessa's producing it and Reena's on board as well as an associate producer. It was a riot though- getting in and out of the city within the day and going home with freshly-picked papaya.

Weather Photos: Philippines + Germany


Sets of 2 individuals use photographs to communicate with each other, sharing their feelings about the weather and its influence on emotion and mood. Combining photos from partners around the world, this blog references both weather and emotion, across geography and time. Two artists, one in NY, the other in Berlin, conceived this project for Transcultural Exchange. ( Project Description )

From universe baldoza

Just started today on the Weather Photos, my collaborative partner from Berlin is Karima Klasen.

A wonderful experiment that forces myself to constantly check and meditate on how I'm feeling. Now capturing my mood for the day in a single frame can be quite tricky. An easy approach for me is to check out what Karima is posting first and just respond to her photo.

Rediscovering Katok

Recovering an old video from the archives, a serendipitous event for the day. Katok, shot on video and intended to be a short experimental film, was never made (maybe in my head), but I never sought to complete it after losing steam.

I shot it during in my mid- twenties and looking back at it, I can't help, but laugh. Well, solid proof of how immature my work really was in my 20s. The difference I guess was not the intensity. I still have that, but the energy back then was different, nothing was calculated and stumbling along the way was part of it. There was no critical eye and you just relish everything that comes your way.

Katok (means 'knock' or also an expression for a nutjob).

I'm still friends with Krist, the actor in this video. He is a screenwriter now for Babae Ako (I am a Woman) a very steamy short film making the local rounds. He still has that waifish, heroin chic look! (Damn I'm envious!)

I can't exactly remember everyone who was there at the shoot, but I am thankful that they were there. I do remember Joy being mad at me (can't blame her- the girl loves me). Ruel for being utterly quiet, much like Buddha overseeing everything. Albert then and Albert now is in arguably the same, ma-diskarte with that cool composure he's known for. I think the huge difference with him now is that he's the most active indie film cinematographer I know. I feel we will all still be together in the end doing the same shit on film or video. Hey, we do love our shit!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Chillin' at my cousin's loft in Paris, my la fourmilière infernale.

A bed unmade, my nephew's finger-daubs on the wall inspire me.

Breakfast of Champions!

Fascinating how really frozen a cold cut can be at room temp.

At the Cite station, finding my way around to meet Julia at Notre Dame.

My Prize, my find of the day.

One of these doors leads to a truly dark tunnel, very catacomb-like. I was very fortunate to be able to shoot here for a day.

urban art

The spiral at the wall in Berlin

torn-art near an Ecole


Photography - Manila Envelope Issue 3

EndFrame VideoArt Revisited

EndFrame VideoArt Revisited

Ligaya's Dreams

Panaginip ni Ligaya (Ligaya's Dreams) a 3 minute experimental video about my muse Ligaya and her lucid recollections. The short is about self-control which Ligaya doesn't have time for, she's always hungry and seeking other mundane things to do.

The video suffers from my editing, I'm willing to give it another go after seeing all the tapes, the piece can still hold my interest after four years.

The real Ligaya's gone though, she's off to finish her art residency in NYC, off marrying her current man/woman/lover. Its so easy to live vicariously through her, the woman is fearless.

She looks so young and innocent in this video (hahaha), this is her before everything ever happened (which includes the Basilan war, Buddhism, innerdance, the Japanese boyfriend, the 60 year-old artiste boyfriend, and yes even the man/woman/lover). I miss you Ligaya! Sad, I'm not lesbo.


Finally a place to separate my narrative self from my visually discordant side; these are images culled from my insides, my play environment where i can just emerge as myself without giving a fuck to anyone. oh dear.