Thursday, May 14, 2009

Husk at the 25th Los Angeles Asia Pacific Film Festival

Southern California's largest and most prestigious film festival from comedy and drama to documentaries and shorts, the 25th anniversary of this week long festival shares the stories of Asian Pacifics in America and abroad. View Site

Saturday, May 2, 2009

A Thing of Retro Beauty

The majestic C&R Building in Escoda Street in Taft. Taking pictures around Taft, I revisited this old building I used to see a lot during college. It was one of the buildings that fascinated me along with the old Jai Alai building before it was butchered by Mayor Atienza. The Jai Alai building was the art deco style building with the Sky Room signage on the front. You can easily spot these buildings while riding the LRT.

The C&R Building building reminds me what a huge steamship would look like if its haul was cast onshore. Though I've never seen anyone peek out of those circular windows. I just think its great that its still functional and houses several clinics.